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 Working at 3 Spoons Yogurt

3 Spoons Yogurt is looking for hard-working, able-minded college students that perpetually display excellent character and a strong work ethic. Spoons management takes pride in being able to hold each of its employees in high regard. As a direct result, management also has high expectations for the applicants that receive the opportunity to wear the Spoons uniform.

Applicants could have the opportunity to work in a self-serve frozen yogurt shop. There are three to four different jobs within the store, depending on the time of day. One employee will be responsible for operating the cash register and keeping the toppings area clean. Another employee will be responsible for refilling toppings that are running low and filling up the yogurt machines with mix. The last one or two employees will be in charge of offering samples and keeping the store spotless. All employees will rotate in and out of these “jobs”. One of the great aspects of Spoons stores is how extremely clean they are. So, applicants must be willing to sweep and mop floors, scrub sticky yogurt messes, and clean toilets. The working environment at Spoons will differ greatly to that of a sandwich shop, restaurant, or ice cream shop because employees will not be serving the customers. The customers will be serving themselves. Your job is to make sure that they have the best yogurt building experience possible.

The position at Spoons Yogurt is both physically and mentally demanding. We expect our employees to consistently think of ways to better our store atmosphere, customer service, advertising and products. Examples include coming up with marketing ideas, unloading shipments of product, and scrubbing the toilets. We always encourage employees to make an impact on the company through their ideas and their manual labor. 

The work involved with the store is fairly straight forward, but we are looking for people that will take a hard-working attitude towards this straight forward work. If you have any other questions please contact us at