How to Sign Up

Upcoming Spooners

How It Works

  • Spoons Yogurt offers the “Spooning With…” Program to local schools, youth teams, charities and other organizations every day of the week.
  • Spoons will donate 25% of the entire day's sales raised on your group's designated day
  • In order for the value of a sale to be added to your group's total, the customer MUST mention to the Spoons cashier that they are associated with your group. Associated receipts will then be marked as being valid towards your group's total sales.
  • The donation will be remitted to your group the following week via check.
  • Spoons will require a donation receipt (template provided by Spoons) from your group for tax purposes.
  • On-site solicitation of your Group's profit share WILL NOT be permitted. Once the profit share begins you may not ask Spoons' customers to mention your cause at the register. You will only receive credit for the people who specifically show up to support your cause.

How to Promote Your Group's Week

Inform as many people as possible of the date and time of your profit share. Spoons will send out notifications via Facebook and Twitter. Spoons will also provide a template that may be emailed and texted to your friends, family and colleagues.